Aura and Chakras

             Descriptions and Interpretations

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There is internal and external proof that we have five major chakras distributed as interference patterns along our spine.

Two major chakras originate in our brain.

I have been able to make myself so tiny (like a form of internal astral travel) that I went through the central spinal canal and observed the locations in all their glorious colours and with patterns that resemble petals very close to the way Leadbeater had them depicted in his book "The Chakras." 


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To visualise this with me, think of one of those long thin balloons that clowns use to make animals out of.

Blow one of those long, slim balloons up and hold it up vertically, like a snake raising its head, bobbing a bit.

Now picture that this tube has the curvature of a well maintained spine. Imagine that gentle gyrating movements of your pelvis (following a three dimensional pretzel like path) activate a stinger in the tailbone area that opens up the bottom of this slender tube. (The balloon would explode …your spinal canal won’t.)

Visualise as well that this movement also acts like a cerebro-spinal pump (chiropractors sometimes refer to it).


These movements pump a viscous clearish liquid into the spinal canal and press it through the cerebro-spinal-fluid (CFS) that is already inside the spinal cord.

The resulting vortices of this fluid and the multidimensional interference patterns vibrate from the bottom up.

This can be observed by the subtle human senses clairvoyantly normally as the colour red of what is called the root chakra. As well it can heard as a low hum. The lowest C of the western musical scale that we as humans can be internally aware of.

By the way this clearish liquid in men may be part of the male ejulate, it is at this point actually a glandular excretion.

When semen is held warm in the testicles, which for that purpose in some men may have moved up into the warmer belly area (the epididymi are left behind in the scrotum), living sperm may not develop as a preparation for "urdhva reta." I have so far only a vague idea what kind of liquid it is in women and where it comes from.

I suggest that the clitoris is also involved here, as in men the nerves in the very inside tip of the penis are erotically very sensitive, while the pelvis/tailbone pumping action takes place.

Anyway the vibration starts at 2 Hertz at the root of the spine (or even below), then 4, then 8, then 16, then 32, then 64, then 128, then 256 cycles per second, when it is the externally audible C of the root chakra.

Back to our visualisation now.

While this, let me call it, ‘earth energy’, moves up our slender spinal balloon, first sensed as red, then as orange then as yellow energy, at the same time through our fontanels (or at least where they used to be when we were still a baby), from the top down ultraviolet energy, let me call it ‘sun energy’ is being sucked in, which turns violet, then indigo, then blue as the energy slow down in its vibrations.

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The two up-and-down flows of coarser and subtler energies mix and interfere together in a multidimensional way forming those special interference patterns like the ones that Leadbeater so well depicts. Five of those patterns stand out as more harmonious, they are the lower 5 chakras. The Heart chakra, where the two flows meet and balance each other out, is sensed as green... of course... the mix of blue and yellow, the colour of our green nature. (chlorophyll, photosynthesis)



To get the right picture about the chakra locations and their mix of colours as seen inside the tube (remember I made myself so very tiny in order to see that), you have to visualise them as horizontal trans sections in that colours-vibrations filled spinal tube.


Maybe at this point we would do better to describe all this in terms of a musical instrument, an organ pipe or one of those Tibetan horns. Sounds are very clearly discernible (This might explain the origin of some form of tinnitus, a discomfort in which sounds are heard inside the ears.)


The Brow chakra is a chakra of a different kind and is in a more direct way connected with the two lobes of the pituitary gland, not in a left /right manner as so often depicted but in a front/back arrangement where the area above the tongue (the nectar drop) is also included in addition to the "third eye" location. The pineal gland is the physical recipient of the full force of the solar, divine, spiritual, inner and outer light and energy and as such is not a chakra in the traditional sense.

Now what about the chakras as felt at the front of the body. Again Leadbeater has given us the right depiction. This man was really amazing if somewhat odd later on in life. The word (solar) "plexus" says it so well. What we feel in the frontal chakric areas are complex networks of nerves and nerve ends as they are emanating from the spinal column at exactly the same locations as where the above described chakric trans-sections and their harmonious interference patterns are located.

What I feel now, I am just about at the end of the K. process (1999), is a totally glorious body/soul unit. A, so to say, one-grand-chakra unit that I sense very much as one of Hildegard von Bingen's visions and picture of it. Sometimes like that blue person, sometimes like that egg-shaped universe with all that glorious radiation... Nectar totally, and continuously.






A. wrote: “My left side is my male side, the unconscious is the opposite gender of the body... It is so for most folks I think, that the right side of the body is the conscious side and the left is unconscious… so sometimes you can receive messages from the unconscious by writing with your left hand... unless you are left handed, then mebbie you'd be getting K-zaps in your right toe.”


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Since 1998 I've been professionally involved in aura observations, chakra analysis and client counselling. I use an aura (bio-energy) imaging computer system in addition to clairvoyant energy perception. I have become rather clair-voyant, -audient, -sentient since the start of kundalini's SELF regenerating process that started blowing its full force through me in 1996. I corroborate everything that the machine records with what I 'perceive' and vice versa. Interesting what you say there about the right and left side. Frequently I see very strong male influences in the left half of a client's aura and female influences in the right half. I use the terms 'male' and 'female' for lack of better words, don't like yin/yang too much either. Tend to stick with the male/female denotations as I notice that maternal and paternal influences on the aura are very prominent, actually sibling brothers and sisters impact very strong as well on the aura's vertical hemispheres (hemi-ovoids really). Subsequently knees, feet (kidneys), hips, lung, heart, shoulders and intestines are most often affected. Adolescent (high school) peer influences are oftentimes very strong. Of course people's life companions or close friends figure very clearly as well in the aura's bio-energy field.


Example: when mother or father, grandma or grandpa, male or female companion (or pet) have passed on, their energy impact is visible as grey or white on either side, (gender related) of the aura around the chest area (grey or white shades depend on worked out grieving). There is often a confused combination of grey, dark blue, purple and yellow. If the deceased..., (My god, what a word! I hope 'they' are not listening and passing judgement on me :-).... if the deceased are in a good energetic after-life state, they appear above the client's head on either or both sides as white plumes or puffs. If the client has dreamed about them or is taking in messages, these white plumes may reach into the client's ears often as green or pink extensions (depending on degree of love, kindness and compassion and ...acceptance). It shows up as or orange/yellow if the client is not consciously aware of the messages or admonitions as yet. A client's brow chakra has a higher level of activity if he or she is aware of the influx (mostly as dreams or day-time remembrances or memory flashes). It is interesting (and it may shock some of you) that when some clients refer to their spirit guides or angels or 'channelled info', or other entities.... in their auras these 'entities' frequently turn out to be the clients' own.... ancestor(s). They show up either on the left or right of the clients' heads, dependent on gender (What...? Gender in heavenly after-life ??). When this is pointed out and when vivid memory connections are made, the clients are actually very relieved and feel more at ease because of the sense of ‘familiarity’, ancestral concern and benevolence towards them. Ancestors who may have passed on in 'not too good a shape' are very often 'worked upon' and transformed by fellow after-lifers. Actually, I do quite some work in my nightly states with after-lifers, meet a lot of Tibetans there, who are having their hands full with 'after-life westerlings'. Could it be that that way those Tibetans don't have to be reincarnated...? I mean this as a joke ...but actually... never know whether I'm joking or not. Maybe at some point I feel compelled to write more about that after-life work.


A. wrote: “For me, my energy is polarized… I send out energy with my right hand and receive energy/information in my left.”


When a client requests healing or energy release, I hold my right palm above a client's upturned left or right hand and my left top of hand below the client's. After a while, if no release by the client is needed anymore, I may take my left hand away. The client receives into the palm and up the arm and releases down the bottom of the hand into my hand and down my feet into the ground. Warmth, cold wafts, tingling, jitters and happy, sweet, bitter or stabbing feelings are observed. Energies may go up the client's arm(s) into the shoulder(s) either right or left or both. I release a client's unwanted energy down my feet into that good old earth of ours... How much more can it take this Lovely Earth of ours? So resilient, so patient... 





Question: “What aura colors and shapes do you see around the human body?”


I see two kind of auras:


1.       Inner vision:

a.       With inner vision I see a totally ideal aura, (very rarely with the outer vision) around the full outline of the body, a seven layered rainbow coloured body suit in the shape of the human body. It emanates from the body to about 3 to 4 inches. From blue on the inside then gradually turning through all the spectral colours to red as the outside layer. It shows no blemishes, indentations, imbalances. Just shimmering clear layers of colour. When I discuss this with other visionaries they comment that they often only see the blue layer of this aura. Only talked to one person who had my experience.
My interpretation of this is that when I see a person I acknowledge the being as whole, no illusive negativities. When I open my eyes I see that person as absolutely wonderful, lovable and loving. Beautiful eyes of full trust, no questioning, no searching. The eyes may have a very strong expression of "I KNOW YOU". No age lines, no frowns in the face, no moods in the person, skin so wonderfully fresh. The person as BEING, the individual's unconditioned state, no negative illusive characteristics. When I am in this state and communicate with that person I have a hard time understanding or even believing that the person might have inadequacies or ailments. Eventually that person may be able to "convince" me of the illusive self portrait that s/he painting to me. I then still approach that person in the unconditioned state and sometimes am able to convince that person of their being as unconditioned in love, truth and incarnated light. That is the point....!!!
There is unconditional love in that state. The client's reaction to this is not always positive, very often uneasy. People so much believe that their condition of inadequacy is reality...and irreversible, a barrage of external judgments having become their surrogate personality. Illusion has been treated as reality over such a long time, that truth and love are almost unrecognizable by individuals, also considered by them as undeserved. It is very difficult for love to right away puncture that self image... Or let me say this... I can not do that yet...

b.       After I observe a client normally first, not seeing any aura colours, I will close my eyes and see a full body aura as a shimmering egg shape that contains many colours, indentations, bulges and rips. I can scan or ‘surf’ through the aura to figure out what energy centres or chakras are constricted.

2.       Outer vision:

a.       Imagine that a person has been rubbed with a dullish film of the finest lightly coloured oil, and the film moves very gently and slowly over the hands, arms, neck, cheeks and forehead. This is how I see the human aura most often. As I am communicating with a person I see those colours very slowly and gently move across the skin, frequently the sheen just sits still. I don't have to be in special mode, I see those colours as real as anything, I see them on myself as well, in the mirror too. If I ask a person whether they see them, I am always very surprised that they don't. I use these colour reactions to adjust my communication with clients. I use the colours reactions in the aura as a feedback system that tells me more than body language of the client does. Most often I see, reddish hues, orange, a lot of yellow and eventually green which I am always aiming for. Green means that the communication is harmoniously absorbed, also that balancing is taking place. I aim for all green in the beginning stages of aura counselling.

b.       When I see people against a white or dark backdrop (any homogenous colour will do) I see, with my eyes, white shimmering shapes around people, sometimes more or less colourfully filled out as fragmented parts of an egg shape. Depending on the energy of the person the shape may move. I find that this aura depends very much on my state as well, I will too often transpose my expectations or my colours onto that person, my aura interferes in that case with the aura of the observed person. I do not find that desirable and reliable. Too much ‘me’ in there... I can however withdraw my own aura into myself so that my aura does not interfere with the client’s.
When I ask children what aura colours they see, they very often report green or yellow., when I check I often see different hues. When a child is comfortable with a person I found they often report seeing green or a comfortable greenish yellow, not cold yellow. When a child is not comfortable I find that a child does not see colours as easily. Seems to be a two way street between the viewer and the viewed.


Question: “Do you use this ability to help in diagnosing illness?”


Yes, actually to measure over- and under-activity of glandular energies and energetic functionality of body parts.


Question: ”…to help in determining a person's mood?”


Yes, moods as they are actually brought about by dysfunction of the physical body structures.

I never see dark, muddy or murky colours in a person' s aura, I cannot do that kind of judgment. So, I often must disagree with what others see. Just my problem I guess.

Proves to me that it is very important for a healer, clairvoyant to be as loving, comforting, non threatening and non judgemental as possible lest two auras may interfere and not be conducive to healing. Have seen too many clairvoyants increase discomfort, neediness and dependency. (Being non-judgemental is not the same as being goody-goody, glossing things over.) I do not agree that a person's character contains or owns personal ‘negativities’, imbalances yes, but negativities are illusions that I do not deal with... I deny them reality, substance (This by the way is not the same as ignoring them). I will not treat negativities as though they are more real than positivities. I always remind clients that ‘negative’ is on the left side of the zero on the number line. If ZERO is nothing, how can anything less than nothing have any more substance than nothing... if it does than it must be illusive... conceptual... consensual but unreal nevertheless!


I do pick up swooshing sounds somewhere inside my brain when I meet people exuding anxiety. I will comfort those people immediately, at least that is what I try. I do feel auras with my hands and pick up and disperse electrical discharges. When I need to do some emergency healing I use my hands to balance discrepancies in the energetic auric field. Am not in favour of this as it creates dependency upon the healer.