Time and again I am amazed by the accuracy of the results and the efficacy of the feedback feature Not available yetof the biofeedback machine/aura sensor that I use.... I have been using the machine since1998 in my practice as lifestyle counsellor (I am retired now) a large section of my clients suffered from severe depression, which in most cases is the Kundalini process gone hay-wire or misunderstood. I believe I use the machine and the read-outs to their fullest potential, more, if I may say so, than most other owners. I am of course helped by (and grateful for) my clairvoyant and intuitive abilities. What I like about having an apparatus like this, is that I can send the clients on their way with an excellent printout of a full body aura, a report on their chakra energy levels and balance and a overview of their physical health, as the machine also graphs out the energy of 40 inner organs and glands. This enables me to also give dietary advise as well. On subsequent visits progress can be illustrated and analysed. The wonderful thing with this machine is that the sessions can be recorded by the computer. From the read-out one can deduct (this requires more in depth training, intuitiveness and psychological insight) at what age in a client's life, threatening circumstances may have occurred. This can than be used by the client to get a clearer insight into the origin of their problems. It is also possible to find out how the client is balanced in their integration of masculinity and femininity. The read-outs (again with more in depth training) also let the lifestyle counsellor deduce whether problems (physical, sexual, volitional, emotional, vocational, intellectual and spiritual) are generated from the maternal or paternal side.
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“ My left side is my male side, the unconscious is the opposite gender of the body...

It is so for most folks I think, that the right side of the body is the conscious side and the left is unconscious… so sometimes you can receive messages from the unconscious by writing with your left hand... unless you are left handed, then mebbie you'd be getting K-zaps in your right toe.”


Since 1998 I've been professionally involved in aura observations, chakra analysis and client counselling. (I am retired now.) I used an aura (bio-energy) imaging computer system in addition to clairvoyant energy perception. Have become rather clairvoyant, -audient, -sentient since the start of kundalini's SELF regenerating process that started blowing its full force through me around 1995/6. I corroborate everything that the machine records with what I 'perceive' and vice versa. Interesting what you say there about the right and left side. Frequently I see very strong male influences in the left half of a client's aura and female influences in the right half. I use the terms 'male' and 'female' for lack of better words, don't like yin/yang too much either. Tend to stick with the male/female denotations as I notice that maternal and paternal influences on the aura are very prominent, actually sibling brothers and sisters impact very strong as well on the aura's vertical hemispheres (hemi-ovoids really). Subsequently knees, feet (kidneys), hips, lung, heart, shoulders and intestines are most often affected. Adolescent (high school) peer influences are oftentimes very strong. Of course people's life companions or close friends figure very clearly as well in the aura's bio-energy field.

Example:  when mother or father, grandma or grandpa, male or female companion (or pet) have passed on, their energy impact is visible as grey or white on either side, (gender related) of the aura around the chest area (grey or white shades depend on worked out grieving). There is often a confused combination of grey, dark blue, purple and yellow. If the deceased..., (My god, what a word! I hope 'they' are not listening and passing judgement on me :-).... if the deceased are in a good energetic after-life state, they appear above the client's head on either or both sides as white plumes or puffs. If the client has dreamed about them or is taking in messages, these white plumes may reach into the client's ears often as green or pink extensions (depending on degree of love, kindness and compassion and ...acceptance). It shows up as or orange/yellow if the client is not consciously aware of the messages or admonitions as yet. A client's brow chakra has a higher level of activity if he or she is aware of the influx (mostly as dreams or day-time remembrances or memory flashes). It is interesting (and it may shock some of you) that when some clients refer to their spirit guides or angels or 'channelled info', or other entities.... in their auras these 'entities' frequently turn out to be the clients' own.... ancestor(s). They show up either on the left or right of the clients' heads, dependent on gender (What...? Gender in heavenly after-life ??). When this is pointed out and when vivid memory connections are made, the clients are actually very relieved and feel more at ease because of the sense of ‘familiarity’, ancestral concern and benevolence towards them. Ancestors who may have passed on in 'not too good a shape' are very often 'worked upon' and transformed by fellow after-lifers. Actually, I do quite some work in my nightly states with after-lifers, meet a lot of Tibetans there, who are having their hands full with 'after-life westerlings'. Could it be that that way those Tibetans don't have to be reincarnated...? I mean this as a joke ...but actually... never know whether I'm joking or not. Maybe at some point I feel compelled to write more about that after-life work.


When a client requests healing or energy release, I hold my right palm above a client's upturned left or right hand and my left top of hand below the client's. After a while, if no release by the client is needed anymore, I may take my left hand away. The client receives into the palm and up the arm and releases down the bottom of the hand into my hand and down my feet into the ground. Warmth, cold wafts, tingling, jitters and happy, sweet, bitter or stabbing feelings are observed. Energies may go up the client's arm(s) into the shoulder(s) either right or left or both. I release a client's unwanted energy down my feet into that good old earth of ours... How much more can it take, this Lovely Earth of ours? So resilient, so patient...






“I just read the Aurastar website. Perhaps what I need to do is find someone in my own area who has this machine, and pray they don't charge me a fortune to use it. Also pray that they know how to interpret it. What da ya think?”



Drop a line to the 1 800 225 1226 number to find out if there is a health show or psychic fair in your area.







“…what if people have a premature kundalini awakening?”



With all due respect, Clare, I don't think that there is anything that can be call "premature" K awakening. It really happens when it has to happen... What is important is that the environment gets set right (as positive and supportive as possible) as soon as possible and that one gets a neutral/compassionate monitor, a person who does not influence but gently guides the process with listening, loving and trusting support. An environment without judgement.



“Couldn't the AuroStar 2000 be used to help people balance out the chakras?”

Can the machine perhaps take the place of a light worker? For instance, if a person is very depressed, or their will is very weak, will your machine show this?



As it is a biofeedback machine it does. Also from the readings, clairvoyantly or from the numbers and graphs one can help the client find out what to do for balancing. Adjusting colours in environment, clothing, bathing with aromatic oils and colour. Different food.

For people who are not receptive to ‘ethereal’ healing or biased against it, this machine, with its biofeedback features, and a knowledgeable operator is very effective.