Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva or Quan Yin



“Was the Buddha involved with Kundalini or more of a meditational Union?”



I have the following memory:

I met the little one (the Buddha) when he was 8 years old, inside the compound of his father's palace. He was rather disturbed and upset (I could see he had cried), saddened by his separation from an unknown world. He felt at odds about the fact that he was unfairly left in the dark about that world. Unfair, as the other children seemed to be free to come and go. This caused him great suffering, as fear and threats were inflicted upon him by his father to prevent him from finding out about the unknown. This suffering he quickly saw as he saw that his father's power over him was illusive... as he saw that the palatial compound's walls were no more than solidified illusion. We actually peeked through a crack and climbed on top of some badly maintained parts. There was much commotion on the other side. When he was close to 12 years old, I remember meeting him again and he recounted a healing process that he went through, which to me, rather sounded like kundalini's SELF regeneration process as I experienced it in this, my life. He was a neat kid, with a lovely, sweet, well rounded face. His touch made me feel very soft and sweet all over my upper body and inside my chest. Our faces felt like large sweet fruits, our eyes so merrily confident, our brows so inspired. We envisioned an heroic quest that returned freedom and clarity to al.


At age 12 many children are still so perfect...








“Patho- words have the primary meanings of ‘feeling’ or ‘sensation’.”



Many Greek words that start with the root 'pa' have to do with 'feeding', 'caring for'...paoo. Words like pater, pais, pathos. Even the Latin pasco (to lead a herd or flock), pastor (shepherd), panis (bread), pasta and passio (suffering) are derived from this root.

The English 'food', 'feeding are derived from same. Via fodian, fedan, fuoten,fodjan,pat. The feeder (father), the fed (the child, ped-). Dios Pater, the provider god (Latin Jupiter).

In Greek pathos (Latin passio) originally had the meaning of being fed, being cared for, undergoing, letting it happen, being taken care off, ... eventually it also got the meaning of suffering, experiencing hunger, pain and anguish. In Latin the word passio (suffering) and passivus (passively undergoing) express the same meanings. Initially in English the word suffering did not have a 'pain connotation', it simply meant ‘let it be’, ‘experience’ (as in ‘Suffer the little children).

The interpretation of feeling, sensation is apt, but we can expand it more towards experiencing with extra energy...Pathos.

The original self, which some call the 'Higher Self' or ‘Inner Self”, uses pathos as feeling, experience, sensation, undergoing to experience of being energized, fed so to say by energy, the stuff that is the origin of the original self, drinking from the fountain of eternity. Compassion or sympathy (usually called empathy in English) is what a bodhisattva applies in dealing with beings that are energetically malnourished... one lets the 'sufferer' participate in the being energized. So 'pathos' is the sensation mechanism of the higher or original self, "the five skandas," as Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara calls it. Compassion or loving kindness is the mechanism or gesture of healing... feeding...caring for...

I feel pathos as unconditioned energy flowing through me (soma, amrita, nectar) feeding me, nurturing me, conditioning me to share it universally with anything and anybody around me...unconditionally.







“Wm, this [a seemingly arrogant remark of mine, Wim] really gave me a good spritual chuckle. Was this your ego speaking?”



Hi Herbert, was it a coincidence that when you tried to type my first name that you forgot to type in the i between the W and m?

Does my 'i' or ego seem to be your problem? 

And did you notice that you also forgot to type an 'i' in the word 'spritual'?

Could it be that 'i' is really your problem?  






“Who created the heavens and the earth?

You sound like you believe you created it all,

but where did YOU r-e-a-l-l-y come from?”



Am I your problem...?

It appears so... :-)

But maybe your question is genuine.


Best not be mistaken about motivations. Can we fully know what moves us to do what we do and why?


So here is a genuine answer.

What to say but telling you that in some moment of great ecstatic abandon, I was indeed allowed to witness that instance of universal creation.

Divine Love, Truth and Light is truly that inviting..., even invited me in on the act when time and space, etc. were brought about.

What immense bliss, no birthing pains when the universe comes into being, It for sure is Divine play.

I came to (HAD TO) appreciate being human on earth in spite of how often I've tried to escape this earthly part of creation. There was very little reason for me to be invited, I'd pretty well done anything wrong that could have been done wrong. And - this is so neat - you have that realization coming too.

That is the whole idea of Kundalini: that one recovers and recognizes one's Origin in the Divine. There is no I in that but the I of God. However that sounds... I claim nothing about myself but proclaim only the ultimate divine reality as we, as human participants in this wondrous universal miracle, will realize it.

I have been allowed to recover so many fantastic memories of all these wondrous beings, our ancestors.

Do not take me wrong I am not talking about past lives, that concept is too simplistic to describe my witnessing of the Divine Trust in human beings. When I talk about Vishnu or Adam or Christ or John, my memories are in ‘first person singular’, I cannot help that. That is the mysterious nature of these graces. I do not claim to be those persons... personhood is too limited a concept to explain these events... BTW, I am by far not the only one to have these memories, I am just more daring in proclaiming the divine graces to prepare fellow beings to accept same and not be surprised... (There are great episodes of fear preceding these realizations and manifestations. Better not to believe in that fear though­...) My experiences and witnessing take nothing away from your realization of ultimate being and reality.



“I don't believe in you, sorry to say it that way.”



Only the Divine is and we are temporary and spatial participants in that wonderful play that is called the Divine. At some point all of us will converge into that grand reality, merging our individualities within the bosom of the "true I AM".



“You can't save my soul.

I stick with the one whom saved my life,
whom appeared before me, who told me
that I can, who is the true I AM.”



Do I ever concur with what you say, so true, so true...!



“I am not trying to change anyone’s way of thinking but this is quite funny in the midst of the earthquakes, and the other mishaps. 9 out of 10 times who’s name is called? Your’s, Wim? I don't think so.”



When the Divine is called, truly ALL OF US (including you and me) are called upon to intercede in the rescue of people from calamity and suffering and to realize the Divine Saviour with our individual human endeavours. The Divine answers through us, our actions of love and kindness are the fingertips of the Divine, part of and participation in that Divine Embrace.







“I don't believe in a specific god at all. I believe in ME and I believe in YOU and I believe that no one truly knows what else is out there and that a lot of time and energy and resources are wasted by searching for "something".
I'm not really bad, I am just drawn that way.”



Well said, drop the concept of God.

The ones we call gods are our fore-fathers and fore-mothers.

In search for "something" I have met the lot of them.

I call Brahman my father, Shiva my son and I recovered Vishnu as me.

Yes and I am Adam and Jesus, and I am that young apostle guy John.

We are our ancestry once we drop the timeline concept.

It is so deliciously simple:

relish your ancestry,

relish your children,

relish each other.

Am I God? Are we Gods?

Drop all questioning and one finds that this is it...

This is totally enough... and there is nothing to it...

No fear, no faith needed no more, no belief systems, no nothing...  







“Avalokiteshvara said, “Form is emptiness, emptiness is form.”



I would love to write about a great insight I had some years ago, that there is only one article (I used to say, "There is only one particle," but I had to drop the p.) the primal and ultimate "be" which self-inventively creates its own evidence in non- and multi-dimensionalities as experienced by us separately in temporalities and spatialities and their derivates: here/there/elsewhere, now/then(future)/then (past). But I will leave it at this.