The Kundalini Process

Reclaiming Our Original Self





With Kundalini... look for, recognize... sweetness in all parts of your being and personality, physically as well as emotionally. Not sugary, syrupy sweetness, that is not what I mean of course. An energetic sweetness that you may have first felt when you fell in love with maybe a young girl or boyfriend, puppy love:-) Or the sweet, almost... horny, longer lasting mix of physical / emotional feelings. Or the erotic feelings one recognizes in more adult experiences of  intense love making. Initially people recognize or remember that energy only in or from one physical area... but women are luckier that men in that respect, being able to get lost in ecstasy easier and over a wider range of their body. No matter what, it is an energetic sweetness that you are looking for, always first on the physical side. It is the 'feeling dynamic’ of that energy that is supposed to run our nervous system, all our various nervous plexi are supposed to be bathing in it. That energy usually gets dramatically disturbed, even shut down almost, in parts of our being, just like the impact of negative human endeavours on the earth's climate that affects the distribution of moisture throughout the earth's system negatively: flow of rivers, droughts, floods, forest fires, etc.
When Kundalini starts running its 'energy restorative processes' through the body, it encounters remnants of blockages and disturbances and attempts to flush them away. This may then result in the dramatic accounts that you hear from people (I had plenty). Not that one can or should bypass that, but rather than dwelling on the emotional drama - which is of course OK for a while and rather interesting -  when we understand the process we can promote 'better working mechanics', we can help the Kundalini process along a less treacherous path. It's like hydro-dynamics.
The end result of the Kundalini process is that the original life energy (whatever that may be) permeates the whole being constantly, evenly, irreversibly and eventually unhurtably (cannot find the right word here). It is actually what we had one time as babies, but may have lost along the way by having been 'robbed' of or having gone through the ravages of in-humane encounters.
Kundalini restores in all kinds of ways, depending on the kind and amount of violation and hurt that we underwent.

Back to that energetic sweetness.
Once recognized, one can direct that sweetness as though it is a cloud or a spiralling energy throughout the body. Use your imagination and visualize what works best for you.

One is getting successful when one can reach as many parts of the body:

·         from head to toe and vice versa,

·         from left to right and vice versa,

·         from the front to the back of the body and vice versa.

Of course breathing, yoga, grounding exercises, intense 'yawning-and-stretching', Qi exercises are excellent aids. But it is the sweetness one is looking for...
That is why the ancient yoga or spiritual literature always at some point talks about elixir, soma, ambrosia, mead, amrita. When one can locate these energy sensations throughout ALL the various parts of the brain and simultaneously throughout the belly and chest area one is getting there.
Do you sing or hum?
Can you weep or sob? That is good.
Do you dance, like belly-dancing on your own? That would be good.
You do not have to expect the outrageous things that I went though. My early life was very difficult, that causes the healing to be a bit more dramatic.
You do not have to underrate the power of the mind, rationalization, (it did in fact work for me) as long as in addition you can be sad or happy or at times mindlessly crazy.
But always, even while you are sad, look for that certain sweetness (it is always there). There is actually nothing wrong with self pity or sorrow. Al our normal human reactions have been so negatively judged and used against our selves, that we hardly dare to use any of them anymore and thus we expect that liberation has to strike us from nowhere... That is impossible of course. Go with what you get, your own feelings. If they are packaged in judgments that come from others, discard the judgment and accept the feeling whatever it is. Even anger is OK, being fiery is, being over-enthused is, being rational is, being emotional is, being abject is, being bored is, being tired is... It is all good... The commentary that surrounds any of those sentiments from an discompassionate world is not useful.
We have all the tools, the toolbox, the key to the locked up secrets. We are allowed to use it all. The key all works... The rust in the lock is ‘the judgemental garbage’ that has crept into, garbage from people who do not want us to be successful, the sweetness is the DW40 that dissolves that rust. And then even the rust in that oil smells nice... like sweet almonds...

By the way, you notice I do not use words like the Goddess, Karma and the like, overly. Nothing wrong with them, but we may get into visualizations that may not fit you... I try to bring it down to the more elementary feeling of energy, what our senses sense without cultural or spiritual embellishments... You will find your own... your own beauty... in all forms!





”The whole thing about Kundalini is the physical experience of divinity. Divinity is all about grace.”



That is absolutely true. Gratitude is expressed when one has been able to perceive this grace. At first I wrote "REceive this grace" but that was not right.


grace is
and has been
and will always be
already there


Grace and gratitude go together. There must be a language were that is expressed in one word. Actually English will do, "saying grace" is close enough.






I have gone through a very successful Kundalini awakening, the results of which changed my life. My life...? I sometimes wonder if anything that occurred before the awakening can actually be called LIFE. My awakening was dramatic and got dramatized (honestly) by me... but that is part of my history in this life cycle. I had so many negative experiences to clear out, dramatization was part of the pain that was inflicted upon me. Yes, there were difficulties, risks and dangerous moments, but those difficulties would have arisen anyway even if Kundalini awakening would not have been involved. Without the benefits of what Kundalini awakening and Kundalini energy provides I would have been an absolute 'criminal nut case'. I was just one hand gesture away from it. Now I am a human being without fear, in a steady state of unconditional love. Grace, bliss, divine glory and... gratitude are my total reality. The grace of Kundalini awakening opens up an immense range of energies. Gratitude, as an energy! Gratitude, the greatest experience next to the acceptance of divine grace and love. Gratitude to be a human being on this earth in these times, continuously moves me to the next vital instant of actuality in this... our life.


By the way, the apana / prana (breathing methods) approach, is extremely effective, but does not 'all the time' lead to 'irreversibility' or a 'steady state' of awakening, realization and actualisation of one's integral being. There would have been more effectiveness if in addition to the apana and prana energies, the tantric energy dynamics of samana, udana and vyana are a more conscious part of the method. When I was guiding Kundalini energy through my 'whole system', from the utmost subtle to the utmost dense, I worked intensively with these 5 'vehicles', initially intuitively, later under guidance of some very helpful corroborating literature.


I recommend the “Chakras” book by Harish Johari very much on these 5 ‘vehicles’.






Someone described their Kundalini experience as follows:
”In the beginning, I had tremendous light/energy rushes up my spine and out through my crown chakra which caused seizures and made my eyes roll back in my head. During the first seven months I also had intense experiences when the energy was working on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 7th chakras. I did lots of involuntary kriyas, mudras and yoga asanas (sometimes in the middle of sleep I'd be jolted forward in bed and flipped into a cobra position or other strange yoga postures).”


I had 7 weeks of spontaneous, what you term spontaneous ‘involuntary’ yogic experiences, 7 weeks without any need to sleep. I ate scrambled eggs, honey (lots), butter (lots), real ginger ale from Jamaica (I forget the brand) and whole-wheat farmers bread that my wife baked fresh every day. The spontaneous body movements and the beautiful mudras were a continuous event like a long (sometimes 6 hours) slow time lapsed dance. It was only after a while that I realized that yoga asanas and mudras are recorded bits and pieces of this dance, formalized and categorized by well meaning yogis.

Initially it was as though my awareness was on average 3 seconds behind my actual body movements. It was as though my body purposely shut down my mental involvement. Over time the awareness time lapses shortened until I was in sync with myself, my body/mind separation ceased. Then there followed a period of straight imaginative invention of movement. It was like my body allowed my mental imagination to invent new movements as it trusted this newly freed, creative mind... that mind that had given up its limiting control. It was not easy for my wife to go with me into town as I was often walking as outrageously as Hare Krishna people. So I went off into the woods instead and up the hilltops a lot. Glorious Sun, glorious Earth.

I started to love the Ocean, the salty water, the colder the better. I could stay in it for hours, swimming with the seals. When it started to rain, and it rains a lot in Victoria during the winter, I went naked into streams and waterfalls, I loved the rain... I must have needed a lot of grounding.


After the outrageous dancing, I started doing daring physical experiments that involved pretty well all my glands, interrupting them at will to find out what their function was. The experience of this became inner, intimate knowledge: each organ became a conscious aware functioning part of my whole system. They wanted to be known and acknowledged and I wanted to know and acknowledge them. I stopped my heart for long time periods, no problem, konked out the liver, no breathing, no problem, the thyroid, the spleen, the kidneys, the adrenals, the testicles, all those little glands without a name. The lymphatic system was so neat to work with. The best discovery though were the pineal and pituitary glands and those sensitive spots just inside the anus that are so important in the defecating process. They got to mean way more, so much to do with the root and sacral chakras.


Then the visions, the memories, knowing that all the gods and goddesses ARE our for-fathers and for-mothers, physical ancestors, a lot of great ones and some not so. Brahman, Vishnu, Shiva and their equally important consorts being THE great ones!





Meditating Buddha protected by the Naga King 'Mucalinda'


” …the depiction I find most moving of the Buddha is the one where King Cobras raise themselves up to cover the Buddha's head in order to shield him from the hot sun! The Buddha, as I understand him, was not interested in Kundalini or in any kind of 'union' (meditational or otherwise). He was interested in the Present Moment, the Now, as he felt this was the only way to understand Reality or the world as it exists.”



Well put.
And as the Buddha was getting to be more and more in the “Present Moment” various Kundalini characteristics just happened by themselves, spontaneously.


I've had the "cobras behind and above my head" sensations various times. Started out with a vibrationary sensing that there was some sort of umbrella like protection behind and above me. Attributed it to sensing the inside of the top back part of my aura. Was quite aware at the same time of the throat, brow and crown chakras gently humming. Second time the sensation filled out with an awareness of undulating colours behind me. The umbrella turned more into something vaguely resembling a peacock tail, fanning out behind me, again with humming vibrations, also with lots of eyelike whirly coloured spots. Reminded me of Hildegard von Bingen's visions, some of which contained many eyes. If I recall correctly from the books, the peacock is connected very much with the throat chakra and also somewhat with the Soma chakra (behind the brow at he bottom of the brain). That makes sense because I tend to catch myself singing and humming and 'glorifying' a lot, especially when the nectar (soma, ambrosia, amrita) flows down from the third ventricle onto the back of my tongue. (Used to be called "Singing the praises of God.") There is also the odd spontaneous dance (have to become more daring with that though, some masculine inhibitions are still acting up especially when I am in public).

Impression made by clay seal from Harappa, Indus Valley, c. 2,000 BCE.

Pictures not available yet
Proto Shiva from Harrapa,
Indus Valley


The cobra or ‘Naga King' sensations are more recent but the characteristics of what I just described are still part of it. Initially I did not know about the cobra connotations, only after I saw some Naga King statues did it start ringing bells (literally, but also pun intended).

However, when I sense carefully, and I like doing that, there are no cobras or peacock like things... just intense vibrations, colourful undulations, sounds (like the music of the spheres and celestial orchestras)... The sense of feeling the concreteness of the structure of the inner back top of the aura is getting stronger... I am sure this will fill out and I am sure I will become even become more aware of the physical concreteness of the aura. "It is stuff."

Sure I see and have seen snakes (and tigers and cows, the swan even in my states) and had the snakes up my spine, etc. But I attribute these picturesque visualisations to cultural influences, archetype-like memories... Come to think of it, they may well be evolution memories. Used to have them frequently. Picturesque visualisations...that is all they are though... Interpretations and 'giving form' are culturally influenced translations... Like 'trying to make sense of these things'. We explain many un-human things the anthropomorphic way and - as it turns out - many other phenomena... animal-morphic (there must be a Greek word for this.)


By the way, through all this (I must be very blessed), I err a lot... No, let me put it differently, I am not afraid of trying and testing the odd thing, and many a time I go 'awry', but it will always be put right. Oh, that divine compassion within and towards us... and that glorious love that ALL is.






I wrote the following to see if I could somehow force someone to move into a wider and more comprehensive understanding of the meaning of 'meditation'. Much of what I wrote was not new to that person, but I found that he in the heat of his argument was biting too hard into his "bone of contention", showing a rather limited view (teeth marks all over) of what meditation in all its richness entails.


Over the last 1900 years, in the near eastern and the western traditions of religious and spiritual observances the word 'meditation' has taken on many different meanings. Nowadays it is generally considered to be a practice to still or empty the mind. One practices meditation usually to reach a state of enlightenment, realization, satori, etc. Currently we tend to link the word meditation to the mind, but that connection has not always been the case. In Christian monastic traditions, starting with the Desert Fathers in Egypt and later formalized under Benedictine (and Jesuit) rule, the intent behind meditation was to focus or concentrate one's attention (which is NOT the same as mind) on a certain topic, e.g. the Holy Host or the suffering of Jesus on the cross. (Theresa of Avila used this method when she reached her frequent states of utmost ecstasy.) The intention of such focussing was to reach identification, at-one-ment (‘vereenzelviging’ in Dutch) with the vision or the topic meditated upon. This approach is comparable to the more Buddhist and Hindu tradition of the recitation of a mantra. The idea of reciting a mantra during meditation is NOT primarily the stilling of the mind (which nevertheless is a bonus result) but again unification and identification with the contents (often very visual) and meaning (often picturesquely symbolical) of a mantra, e.g. "Om Mani Padme Um." For westerners though, the effectiveness of this approach is not the same as for Orientals, as our western views are culturally not wholly congruent with oriental views. Reciting a simple syllable mantra (such as om, aum, lam, vam, etc.) and letting the vibration of the sound itself do its work is comparable to focussing one's attention on a specific colour, such as is currently used in 'chakra balancing meditational techniques' as frequently found in contemporary kundalini yoga and aura / chakra literature.


All the above is about meditative techniques or practices.


What is the original meaning of meditation though? Not meditation as a practice but as a 'state of being', "He or she is in meditation."


The original word derives from the Latin ‘meditari’, a transitive verb and therefore quite hard to translate. (That is why we use the Latin word ;-) The root of the word 'medi', is closely linked to the Sanskrit 'madya' or 'midya'. The English 'middle', 'midst', 'medium', the German 'mit' (with) originate from the same Sanskrit root. When we see the word 'meditation' in that light then the meaning would be something like "being been (transitive of to be) in the middle of things", "being centered", "being here now". As such it does not have the meaning of ‘practice’ or ‘doing’,........ it simply means ‘BEING’. ‘I AM’.

To say it differently and to paraphrase some sayings of Jesus (especially Jesus’ answer to Pilate who asked him who he was: "I AM THE BEING" or "I AM THAT I AM"), "I am the source and result of myself", "I am the alpha and omega", "I am cause and effect". Krishna said similar things: "I am the beginning and also the end.)

Meditari simply means ‘Being here now.’ It does not mean ‘Doing something to get there.’


To people who are in the midst of their Kundalini experience, the practice of meditation can be quite painful, physically hurtful as their brain cells are healing themselves through direct energy ‘Chi’ or ‘Ki’ or ‘Holy Spirit’ reconstruction. (The scientific discovery that brain cells can regrow themselves was done around the year 2000). The practice of meditational techniques in a Kundalini active person can conflict with the natural reconstruction of brain and nerve cells. Many meditational techniques differ not much from the usual allopathic approaches as applied in certain (dubious?) psychiatric and psychological counselling practices, treating the symptoms of psycho-pathology

A Kundalini active person is slowly but steadily and in a rather authentic and peculiar way, reconstructing his or her own original being. Such a person needs to be left alone, needs to be left to their own devices, needs to let the chips fall where they may. Kundalini's autopathic (to coin a word) healing process is a kind of reversed regrowth procedure (can we say retroactive?). Meditational techniques interfere all too often with this autopathic and holopathic process. (I have even seen homeopathic treatments with traumatic and hurtful results.)

A Kundalini accomplished person has no difficulty ‘just being’. Such a person, when all is said and done, only meditates - not as practice but (sine qua non) meditating a realized steady state of being, in the sense of "Be NowHere, permanently actualized and actualizing, realized and realizing... manifesting divine humanity..."






Kundalini is NOT a yoga method. I describe Kundalini as our innate self healing mechanism (autopathic and holopathic.) Over time though, it became a ritualized and formalized yoga, techniques with all the drawbacks that come with formalization and ritualization.


Kundalini is our inborn self (SELF) regeneration process that happens to people who eventually find that they cannot afford and will not afford anymore to beat around the bush... They have come to the end of their rope, path, if you will. Please, do not poopoo that. It is very intense and serious. Kundalini over time got cast into a formal package 'Kundalini Yoga' and lost its original strength, etc.

I went at some point in my life through 7 weeks of this intense regeneration process. Hardly any food, no (NO) sleep at all, yes very often no breathing even, no heart beat even for hours, I could swim in very cold ocean water for hours without being afflicted by hypothermia etc…  A period of a very high energetic state through which I lived pretty well totally and exclusively on Ki energy. During that period my body at times took over and led me into spontaneous, automatic and continuous yoga asana like movements, also dance, song and other highly creative states. Nothing that I did, came from books or was advised by tradition, I was not following any admonitions methods etc. Everything came from within. In fact when I did try to follow other people's advise it felt extremely painful. The process which, when un-interrupted takes 960 days, requires only one thing, trust and surrender... love, light and truth will become self evident.


If someone is not able to seriously and positively consider what I wrote above, that person is not at the end of his or her  rope yet, probably still living on other people's energy and quite likely manipulative or manipulated while not being aware of it.







“I was wondering about gender, the aura and the chakras, does it operate differently in men than in women?



About the chakra gender issue. No, there definitely is NO gender to chakras. Evolutionally the proto-chakra (represented in us as the crown chakra, a temporal/spatial individualisation) developed way before polarity was a cosmic issue. The polarity concept developed only after a whole lot of dimensions were mingled up and rolled in, and could be ignored but *not ruled out*. In an abstracted 4-dimensional-space/time-world-view polarity is a strong concept, but a concept only..... a relativity issue, as much as relativity itself is a concept, a for-the-time-being-workable-hypothesis. Ida and pingala are concepts from a 2-dimensional-abstracted-world-view.

Kundalini energy does not work the way it is usually described or explained. If one experiences direction or polarity, one is in the healing process, which is OK, but the polarity experience will disappear. Any symptoms or experiences during the healing process are illusive... When it comes down to it, even the multiplicity of chakras is conceptual, they are symptomatic for a person in whom the 4 dimensional space/time world is being transcended.


Kundalini-self-reintegration-process is unforgiving in its healing force. It will get the chakras right when we eventually stop messing up and being messed up. It will get us to realize and actualize the original proto-chakra. It is from there that glory and bliss emanate into a cosmic aurasphere.

Look for it with Brahman, Theresa of Avila, Hildegard von Bingen, Jesus the Nazarene, Siddhart Gotama Shakyamuni. You may have seen your grandma or granddad realizing it when they died or were close to it. It is not rare…


When it comes to auras, masculinity and femininity do play a temporary healing role. These gender polarities are culture/education generated and driven.

The regenerated and original aura is all scintillatingly golden white, pulsating from its beginningless core, expanding through fantastic silvery spikes of energetic discharges.






Itzhak Bentov’s “Stalking the Wild Pendulum, a Co(s)mic Book.”

A wonderful little book with an interesting section on Kundalini.






Someone asked about ‘premature Kundalini awakening’.


I don't think that there is anything that can be called ‘premature Kundalini awakening’. It really happens when it has to happen... What is important is that the environment gets set right (as positive and supportive as possible) as soon as possible and that one gets a neutral/compassionate monitor, a person who does not influence but gently guides the process with listening, loving and trusting support. An environment without judgement.





Within a healing communion, periods of dynamic stabilization are needed... weaning outdated engrained habits, engraved mental patterns, engrammatic speech reactiveness. Love does the job - under all circumstances. Ordinarily humans have many states and levels of being, almost like multiple personalities. Loving the person in each of these states or levels integrates the entire human personality and ensures the recovery of the divine/human reality. In our case everything is being led by radical love and the Kundalini process that guides it. BTW, I define the Kundalini process as a biological (in the widest sense) method of SELF restoration to our original human/divine being.... that what we would have been if no calamities would have befallen us. Altogether a beautiful and neat process... but not devoid of reintegration pains...






At one point in the completion cycle of the Kundalini process Kameshvara and Kameshvari, the male and female aspects of Kama (traditionally translated as love's desire) become one. The energy centre (Soma or Amrita chakra) where this is realized is above and behind the brow chakra. Shiva/Parvati, Vishnu/Lakshmi, Brahman/Sarasvati get unified. I found corroboration for this immense experience in the book "Chakras" by Harish Johari page pgs 81-85. The yin / yang unity gets ‘triangulated’ so to say.


Self to the power of one

Self to the power of two

Self to the power of three...


The Tibetan Sri Yantra mandala jumps into mind, a depiction of trans-dimensional trinity:

what is called Star of David in the Jewish / Christian tradition, what Adam / Eve at one point perceived in that Idyllic Eden, that multi-faceted multidimensional crystal,  all its resplendent and effervescent colours hovering above their heads unified in mutual samadhi, descending into the human / divine being.





A lady sent the following letter to a friend of mine and me in response to our writing about ‘sex juice’...

We had both expressed interest in learning more about the female equivalent of the male tantric experience... This lady was kind enough to reply about her experience.

Here is her letter:

”Hi Fellas,


“I don't know much about the particular subject of the effects of withholding ejaculation and where it goes. However, I wish to share this true event with you. If you have any insights on this one, please share. I think it may at least confirm that this wonderful metamorphosis has a lot of pleasant surprises.


“I have been taking notes on these events. There are others but this is one I put in the computer already. X and I are no longer together but I did experience some things with him I had not experienced before. I know there is "more to come". (pardon the pun) ;-)

I have only known one other person years ago that I shared even close to this with and we called it "couch potato sex" for lack of a better word. Neither one of us understood at the time why it happened between us, just that it did. Unfortunately he valued money more that people and I value people more than money. It didn't work out.


“I have noticed also that the more I bring the energies upward, the more my ascension accelerates and I feel and look younger. I am forty six but most people are surprised to find that out. There was about a year period after the death of my son-in-law where my Kundalini really lessened. During that time my hair started to get a lot of gray. It does not have near as much now.


“I know there are benefits of abstaining and working with the energies. But also, something inside me says that if I ever meet another awakened being and form a relationship with them that it is possible to attain even more. My friend and I did not have a solid relationship. We both knew it was temporary. Yet many things happened that gives me hope that I may actually have a chance to experience a unified and unconditional love with a partner mate in all dimensions at once. Sounds like a big order but I know it is possible. It's not even up for argument with me I am that sure of it.


“Oh yes, one more thing. This is also unusual from what I've heard. When I have a cosmic orgasm, I wet myself. Sometimes a lot. Regular orgasms I don't unless they reach the cosmic realm. Does this make any sense? I also feel that "someone's inside me" feeling when no one is there. Anyway, I have a digital camera and was curious. One night when I was feeling the energies to the point of uncontrollable body tremors and verbal sounds, I became aware of that "dickly" feeling as if someone was inside me. My camera was right there so I started taking pictures. I can't see what goes on down there and this was a way to find out. They didn't come out with very good quality, but I captured what I wanted to. I could see myself opening and could see very far up inside myself. How is this possible? Anyway, I shared this with a friend who volunteered to take better pictures if I wanted to. I was also curious if it would happen with someone else there so I agreed. I laid down and "smiled" for the camera. I closed my eyes and let it happen. Without any physical stimulation I shot a jet across the room. I got my friend soaking wet. I was not even aware because I was so deep into meditation. Well at least if no one believes me I have proof. The picture came out great.


“I hope you don't mind me sharing so openly. I find all of this beautiful and fascinating.


“I've already said more than I intended so will close this now.

”May we all be one. The key is love. “


My response:

Much of what you write is very close to my male equivalent of your female experience of the cosmo-erotic divine/male/female ecstasy.

Your experience is extremely important. It is unique AND... not unique, as it is supposed to happen to every woman/divine. The comparable masculine experience got me so much in contact with at first, Shiva, then Vishnu, then Brahman (and more of those great ones over time) and eventually SELF in it's full divinity/humanity (man/divine, god-man). The multi dimensional triangle (some complex trinity crystal) played a strong role in it for me. My hands were constantly doing triangle mudras and it would sometimes develop into the most beautiful gracious dance. The 'Sri Yantra’ is connected to this. The Star of David, the Tree of Jesse, Eve, saints could figure prominently. In your case, you being a woman (bless god), there must be feminine equivalents to the those male god/ancestors/men. Men have monopolized this, women were always excluded from these peak experiences or had to play a supportive or dependent role. Women were supposed to be dependent on men or gods to realize themselves. Get photo books on eastern or western (baroque?) art (access to a good library?), most tantra books are good, get many, the text is very often not important, the pictures are, relish pictures, statues, look for music that moves your heart, dance. If you can afford it, go travel and find your holy places, not that you need to travel to find yourself, that would be a trap, it is for self recognition and corroboration only, celebration, retrieval of old... no actually eternal memories... If something moves you to tears you are making contact.... Spoil yourself in this, but do not splurge too much, know your limits, I did not know them sometimes, my wife luckily had so much understanding.

By the way, your wet jets were female ejaculate.

I hope that you will write more on this. It would be wonderful if we would be able to get the wonderful reality of the woman/divine spoken about openly. I am trying my best to do it for men. At some point I am sure man/'woman divine will be celebrated here. Oh how I would love to meet in divine oneness, communion...

The key is holiness. What you experience(d), to say the least, is a wonderful primal/utmost mudra that is the equivalent of the mudras that I as a man experience(d) when I went (go) through my utmost bliss. Yes, to keep it grounded in the flesh, an initial enormous cosmic and eternal erection, it felt like. Got me really unawares and by storm. Yes but it was my whole body, participating in that cosmic communion, The Divine.


“…also feel that "someone's inside me" feeling when no one is there.  One night when I was feeling the energies to the point of uncontrollable body tremors and verbal sounds, I became aware of that "dickly" feeling as if someone was inside me.”


IMPORTANT. If anybody suggests that what you term as "someone", is the ghost or spirit of some being or creature that tries to posses you etc, do not go into that. It does not work that way. This is where you keep it clean and wholesome. The story of Eros and Psyche may be important, if you read it, make sure that you transform any negative element. There is so much beautiful art on this subject...


PS. Her experience is the start of the ultimate SHIVA/SHAKTI communion. Kamishvara/Kamishvari in the Soma Chakra and more. I weep with ultimate happiness and delight, just as I type these words.


Compare: “Chakras” Energy Centers of Transformation by Harish Johari / Paperback / Published 1988.

Especially his notes on the SOMA chakra.This book is extremely important, and sometimes very accurate, especially on nectar. Without this book I would have been in 'La La Land'. Kundalites should take much of that book very seriously, it is the best rework of Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Some of his other work is not as pertinent. There are some beautiful statues on this cosmic divine communion in Tantric art. Ajit Mookerjee in his books should have some of this available from his gallery in India.

“Art of Tantra” by Philip S. Rawson / Paperback / Published 1985 has some excellent art on this, much of it from Mookerjee.







“The biggest waste of energy is orgasm. The more you have, the less energy you have.”



Take it easy here!
Throughout the Kundalini process and especially in its end stage, when the nectar came down while the Soma chakra had opened up, I've had to change my whole concept of the "orgasm is waste of energy" thing...  A very special lady came as a special emissary of love (so to say) to set this right with me and my wife. I knew it had to happen, but I knew also that I only knew that conceptually... How real life sorts this out for you in deed is indeed mysterious! The most beautiful samadhi ensued... and again... and again.


Once love is unconditional energy and energy supply is free and unconditional, as well, energy frees up and un-conditions all circumstance.

There is only human/divine play...

No rules... no trespasses
No profit... no loss
product... no waste...
No benefit... no cost...


How to get there... ?


Get rid of all expectations, judgements, concepts, preconceived ideas.
Be the empty vessel.
"Work" at it by un-doing.
Only pride and belief in one's inadequacies have to be released.
If that is a problem, then more pride and belief in one's inadequacies have to be released.

Be the emptiness that overflows the vessel.
Be the vessel that fulfils emptiness.
A holy grail that holds but nothing...


True, one may have to practice withholding the cock-a-doodle-doo for a bit :-),
the old preconceived male pride show-offs,
extend foreplay... extend afterplay... extend play all around...


Remember, catharsis works this way only!
Once the mind is as empty as the vessel...


Do not tell energy which way to go,
Or which way not to go,
It will throw you for a loop.


And only that
And fully that
On this playground of entire reality.







“Wim, you mentioned 960 Days to a Kundalini Cycle. I was puzzled by this, although I figured you didn't mean 960 literal days since the process is always with us and always has been, Isn't it/hasn't it been? Or *did* you mean it literally?

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The Crown Chakra

From Leadbeater’s “The Chakras”



960 Days!

It is the number 960 that seems to be important. (Cycles maybe?) I had to bring it up, because the number figures so prominently in the chakra system (the crown chakra) and my daily observance of it in my clients is undeniable. I also daily observe the 960 undulations within and from my own crown, there is a cyclical vibration rate to it. Also 960 hours is forty days of 24 hours each, some claim that kundalini can be raised in 40 days. I don’t know, I have one client with whom I am counting. Also 40 days of Jesus in the desert and his temptations, I went through those 40 days and... there is megalomania of the ugliest order and the temptation is almost impossible to tackle. I came through all right, thanks be to god!!!

Regarding the number 960 again, I have considered that number to be projection from my side but Leadbeater in his book “The Chakras” uses the number 960 as well.


By the way, when one adds up the petals of each chakra, one ends up with 960. (There is more to this of course.)


Root               4

Sacral             6

Solar Plexus  10

Heart             12

Throat            16

Brow              96 - Two  times the total of the previous 5 chakras as the pituitary
                            gland has two main lobes, this doubles the count.

Crown           960 - Ten times the total of the previous 6 chakras as the brain
                            contains 5 pairs of special Cerebral Spinal Fluid (nectar) holding ventricles.