Dan Winter:

“I tried to explain how large scale harvesting of human glandular juices, uv blue fire aura / ecstatic/sex juice, was the raw material Sai Baba needed for Vibuti production.”


Tony responded:

“A devotee told of Sai Baba "milking him" for his semen.”



This topic is very complex and sensitive and we should not put this into the category of sexual deviations or aberrations, there is a long hidden (subconsciously transmitted) history on this since primordial times.


Let me just write down some of my experiences and thoughts on this.


At some point during the *male* Kundalini process (I don't know how this functions in women. I have inquired previously and got a few very hopeful, concurring and parallel responses) semen does not produce sperm anymore and the semen turns into a glandular secretion. The epididymi's functional involvement differs from the process where semen/cum/sperm is used for procreative purposes. The epididymi (this is in my case, any corroboration or comments from other male Kundalites would be greatly appreciated) separated from my testicles into two sweet organelle like blobs.


One way or another, (Dan Winter spotted the same process, he refers to it in one of his webpages) this glandular secretion goes up into the spine through a tiny orifice and gland, propelled by reverse pelvic rocking. The reverse pumping, if I may say so, is directed more backwards-and-up than forward-and-up. This additional glandular supply increases the cerebro-spinal-fluid inside the cerebro-spinal-canal inside the spine, the meninges and the five paired ventricles that are dispersed throughout the brain, from 125 cc to a possible 250 cc. Much of this is actually minutely documented, although very poorly translated, in original Sanskrit yogic literature. The Hatha Yoga Pradipika is very clear on this. Just find a translation that is complete, it does not matter if it is bad, one can easily read between the lines. Ignore lines that sound like obvious commentary interjected by ignorant commentators.)


When the amount of CSF (cerebro-spinal fluid) gets over a certain threshold some of it drips from the third paired ventricle down on top of the soft palate and/or on the back of the tongue. The sensation of the pressure release and the dripping is extremely sweet. This is what is referred to as 'nectar', 'soma', 'ambrosia', 'amrita', elixir, 'love potion' etc. Not that the taste of the liquid is sweet, it is not, because the liquid is actually alkaline in its very nature. Its consistency is like Jell-O, or more properly stated it IS the consistency of jelly fish. In fact it is the original sea-creature in us before we started to surround ourselves with calcium accretions and other appendages. I have memories and realizations of this, so does my wife. People who have used magic mushrooms and cocaine conveyed similar experiences to me.

When the CSF pressure is high and the spinal column is in excellent shape as to curvature and flexibility in the "three degrees of freedom" (this seems almost a prerogative) the fluid emanates from the canal into all the nerve pairs that extend from the spine around and forward to the front of the human body, the various nerve plexes or chakric energy centres. I postulate, I have seen this functionally by introspection (?:-!) but I don't know if the nomenclature that I use is right, I postulate that the soma substance ('soma', I like that word because of its 'somatic' portent) gets transported in minute amounts of stuff/vibration/energy along the nerval dendrites underneath the myelin sheathing. When the energy pulses reach the front of the body the sensation initially felt as sweetness but it can increase in intensity to the highest states of ecstasy. Orgasmic ecstasy as by nearly everyone is one-sevenths of the (at least) 7 ecstasies that can be experienced. Each ecstasy having a slightly different ring (vibration) of sweetness and intensity.


About Vibuti, I have been able to extract some of my nectar and was tempted to process it, but never felled compelled enough to use it in my practice. Jesus used the same stuff in his cures. I found that miracle cures are not always lasting and too dependent on the healer, or vibuti supplier. Complete healing in the final analysis can only be instigated AND maintained AND consummated by the healing person. I come from a line of 'healers' that started with Akademos, ( Greek for healer of the people), the very one who invented the arrow head and other stone tools, we are helpers, hand holders only, tool makers only. I find that most alternative healing practices, even if we call them holistic, are still un-whole, we need to heal (ourselves) at the root. I will help clients to get to the root quickly and avoid the round-abouts. We should not transplace suffering, pain and ailment with the fascination of the miracle however inspiring, short lived as they are and hard to maintain by the fascinated as they are externally brought about... even if the divine source and divine enrages are implemented.







The nectar phenomenon that you describe may actually have to do with saliva and the salivary glands.


No, the nectar phenomenon is not the same.

·         The taste of the ‘material of nectar’ is saline.
When you collect and taste it with the tongue it tastes and smells like a light kind of sea-water.
(Watered down sea water so to say.)

·         It is very clear, no colour, brightly transparent.

·         The consistency is that of jelly-fish.

·         The stuff is in no way the same as phlegm that one gets from colds and that comes from nasal passages.

·         Nor is it the same as phlegm that one might get from dairy allergies or the like.

·         The place of exudation is at the back of the mouth just above the soft palate, from the bottom centre of the skull.

·         The physical feeling when exudation takes place is like a sweet release from some subtle muscular structure.

·         The spot where it drops, with that sweet feeling, is on the very back of the tongue.

·         Where / when the drop(s) touches, one feels a sweet erotic very light touch.

·         It tastes like sweetness, but the word 'taste' is not accurate the sweetness is like quince jelly.

·         When in a meditative visionary state one can actually see a beautiful fiery glowing orange red conglomeration of droplets.

·         I my case I can regulate the amount of release with spinal movements. Also touching certain spots on the spine affects the amount of release.
(I can do the same with my adrenal glands, spinal movements affect the release of adrenal hormones.)

·         With the nectar release, the spinal movement is at the bottom of the spine, a gyrating 3.5 turn, clock and counter clock wise. Most often however simple backward tilting of the pelvis will do.

·         The mental state one is in does not affect the release. I experimented with that a lot.
I can be angry (have to work hard to get angry though),
I can be sad (have to work hard at that too),
I can be neutral,
Make myself despondent,
It makes no difference, the nectar drop is always there.

·         The only thing that can negatively affect it, is when the spine is not aligned properly.

·         Tiredness does not affect the release.

·         I purposely created headaches, even though neck induced, the nectar drop is still there.

·         I can regulate the amount of the nectar release.

·         It seems now an unconditioned response to "nothing", (however strange that may sound.)

·         I used to think that I should not be sexually active to increase the amount, or to affect the exudation. Even though initially that was the case, now I can have it both (lucky, lucky me)


The Buddha (Siddharta Gautama) had the same experience. In one of my (visionary) memories a meeting was called by him. The *5 & 7* came together(…)  and the nectar and unconditional bliss phenomena were discussed:

1.       It was noted very strongly that this nectar release  and the concomitant ecstasy was UN-conditional.

2.       That it also came with the realisation that morality is an acquired set of behaviour and mental patterns.

3.       That a realised person is indeed ‘non-moral’. (Not to be confused with ‘immoral’.)

4.       They found out that, what we now call psychopathic behaviour can indeed come with the same nectar and ecstasy release.


To safeguard un-social, a-social or even anti-social behaviour, rules were set up to make sure that the ' prospective practitioners of this yoga (not the right word at all, but it will have to do)' had to go through rigorous pre-training. Hinayana and mahayana approaches resulted from this. Loving kindness became an absolute prerequisite 'behaviour' as to ensure that when the un-moral, non-social, non-god realization came through that no social harm would result.

This may sound strange and almost contradictory. But it was of the greatest concerns of the group of 5 & 7. (I can at this point not say too much about this 5 & 7 'agency'.)

Please DO take me serious here, I am not making this up.

When one, at one point, near the end of the kundalini process of 're-origination', tackles fearless-ness and non-morality, one goes through a final test. This test is not in any way like an academic test, non graded of course. This test is totally non judgmental. One actually gives up judgmentalism radically. It is the scariest and free-est of realizations, the test of all tests.

One eventually gives up on the whole idea of God as .... fill in any and all of the usual attributes.

That's why final (if there is such a thing) realization is non-theistic. Non-theistic realization is not the same as or does not lead to atheism.


So much for nectar, or ambrosia, or soma, or elixir, or amrita or.... the taste of immortality.


PS. I recall that in the "Aquarian Gospel" Jesus goes through similar tests. Whatever one thinks about channelled (re)sources, this book is very inspiring and is authentically vision based.


$22.50, paper. Devorss & Co

isbn 0875161685





It was not too long after that, that Emmy (my wife) quit smoking. Later she found out that she was pregnant. It was easy for me to stop as well. After all I was pregnant too...

This is not just a joke, there is a role that the prospective father plays in providing for the subtle body of the child. I have personal experience with that. I gave birth to the 'soul-body', of my child. That is how I then characterized it. Evidently, the mother has more of a physical involvement. Of course in the unison of the father and mother this is called 'Holy Matrimony'. There is more on this... There are actually Tibetan monks and yogis who know this, one does not have to be a father, one (everyone) can actually split parts off one's aura that could serve as the subtle body for a child at birth... any child... (or for that matter for healing purposes of fellow human beings, an 'emergency aura' so to say.) This is good as not so many fathers are aware of what they are actually doing while the wife is pregnant. The bandha that is involved is the Uddiyana Bandha. BTW amongst other things, the bandha that is involved with the nectar flow from the rear roof of the mouth is the Jalandhara Bandha...