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Enzyme Enriching Food Plan

The Problem


When one purchases food (fruit, vegetables, dairy, packaged, canned, bottled) from regular supermarket outlets, the food in all likelihood has been radiation treated and/or cooked at high (flash heat) temperatures. Fruit producers and food processors employ these methods to increase shelf life. Flash heat and radiation treatment disturbs the natural ‘rotting’ process in which enzymes play a crucial role. As a result, when this store bought food is consumed, the human body cannot break it down appropriately. The enzymes that are needed to help do that were deactivated. The natural uptake of fruit sugars, minerals and vitamins into the digestive system is now greatly reduced. Subsequently the expected nutritional benefit of the food intake is not obtained. Stomach, glandular, intestinal, lymphatic disorders and their concomitant psychological as well as emotional problems are the result.

The Solution

Not to worry though. The following fruit, food and soup preparations will restore the natural enzymatic breakdown process by activating the enzyme precursors that are not affected by radiation or heat treatment. Those precursors can still be found inside the foodstuff and - this is important - outside in our normal living environment.

Goal and Benefits

·         The goal is that the enzymatic process gets restored to its original function in our digestive system.

·         The result will be the reestablishment of a new and revitalized intestinal bacterial flora.

·         This reinvigorated flora will help the body to more completely absorb and utilize vitamins, minerals and trace elements from ingested food and/or supplements.

·         Healthy bacterial intestinal flora will also manufacture new vitamins inside our gut, vitamins that would otherwise not have been available or absorbed.

·         Unimpeded transportation of the food mass through the intestinal system will also be restored. Bowel movement will return to normal because the peristaltic function of the intestines will work smoother. Intestinal constrictions such as diverticulitis and inflammations of the bowel will clear themselves up over time.

·         Stomach, belly and menstruation cramps, bloated feeling and inappropriate gas production will disappear. Stomach upsets will cease. One will feel lighter in the body and clearer in the mind.

·         During the course of the day the newly produced enzymes and the enhanced beneficial bacterial flora will greatly improve the digestion of other foods that may have lost their natural breakdown activity. These foods, such as nuts, breads and other grain products, dairy, meat and vegetables will now more easily decompose into directly processable sugars, fats and proteins.

·         This will help the pancreas, liver and other glands to turn those food elements into sugars. Sugars that will supply the energy that your body needs when required.






1.       Before you go to bed in the evening, select about 4 to 5 pieces of fruit (quantity is dependant on bodyweight of course e.g. papaya, banana, pear, apple, pineapple, strawberries, plums, cherries, nectarines, peaches, orange, grapefruit, grapes etc.).

2.       Wash and peel the selected fruit and dice into ½ to ¾ inch pieces. You don’t have to peel apples, just core them. Pears should be OK, skin and core included. Cut grapes and strawberries in half, mash blackberries a bit.

3.       Put the pieces in a large bowl and add a teaspoon of honey, dark brown sugar or maple syrup. These natural sweeteners and their enzymes give the breakdown process its kick-start. Add some bee pollen if you can get it.

4.       Cover the bowl with a lid and shake the mix vigorously so that the fruit juices are being released.

5.       Take the lid off and cover the bowl with cheesecloth or a similar type of fabric.

6.       Let the fruit mix sit overnight on the kitchen counter - not in the fridge - as normal room temperature is essential. Some of the fruit may turn brownish. This is a good sign.

7.       The following morning after your all-important one minute ‘yawn-and-stretch’ exercises and before taking a shower or bath and getting dressed, add some yogurt if you like. Let the yogurt come to room temperature before you eat it. Do not add cereals.

8.       Eat this mixture slowly over a one-hour period in three or four portions. The last portion could be eaten at work so that you don’t get tempted to have “that cup of coffee with that muffin or donut.”






After this fruit breakfast it is important not to eat anything between 9 and 12 AM. You will most likely not even crave for anything. Just sip some water when thirsty. Best only to drink coffee once in a while, when you have something to celebrate.

1.       For lunch, have sugarless, whole wheat, non-soda crackers, lightly toasted multi-grain bread or rice cakes. Vary this daily.

2.       Have it with avocado, unsalted butter, nut butters (peanut, tahini, cashew etc). You can have soft or light cheese such as Brie, Camembert, mild Gouda, Havarti or cream cheese, but no more than 1-½ cubic inches daily. It is best not to have vegetables with this, or otherwise very little, sprouts are OK. You will get plenty of vegetables later in the day for supper.

3.       Home made jams (not too sweet) with the above are all right as well. You need variety and taste throughout the week.

Eat enough for lunch because you won’t have anything between 2 and 5 PM.





The evening meal should consist of proteins in any form and lots of vegetables, at least a pound per day. If you are vegetarian, try not to be overly zealous, some meat (once in a while) could be beneficial to you.

If you eat fish, do not just get fillet, buy very good quality whole fish, as its skin contains many important nutrients.

If you don’t like fish, or any of the other suggestions, see if you can overcome it.

‘Not liking’ is a child/parent problem that happened in the past.
 Keep it in the past by not actualizing it in the present.

If you eat meat, get organic poultry, beef or lamb. Do not go for quantity… high-grade and taste are all-important. Do not overcook meat or fish, medium rare is best, aim for tenderness, moistness and succulence.

Do not overly worry about some fat on the cuts, it is actually OK, especially if the meat is organic. Among other things, fat supplies important amounts of phosphorus and sulfur, which are needed for the nervous system and the brain.

Ensure that you also eat legume-type proteins at least once a week (kidney beans, peas, garbanzo beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc.) If you have obtained dried beans, soak them overnight in plenty of water. Replace the soaking water with fresh water and cook the beans well until they are soft. Avoid processed canned products such as chili-con-carne, however simple canned precooked beans are OK. Eat the beans with about one pound (yes, a whole pound) of cooked, wokked, steamed or raw vegetables (chunks of tomatoes, onions, turnips, carrots, celery, green or red peppers, zucchini, eggplant, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower (these last four cooked to tenderness, it aids digestion). If you want to use tomato paste get a good quality brand, if possible preserved in jars not cans. Occasionally you can mix in some lightly fried chicken pieces or good quality ground beef. Use oil, balsamic vinegar and unrefined organic sea salt to enhance flavour and to stimulate your taste buds.

Oh, and eat slowly…chew well…get those taste buds and saliva working. One should not need water with food as the vegetables supply enough. Only sip water in between meals when you are thirsty.

Avoid if you can, grain products such as noodles, pasta, macaroni, pizza bread etc. with your proteins and vegetables. If, for the time being, you ‘have’ to have those starches go for about half of what you normally eat and reduce the quantity over time. Put the emphasis on the sauce spruced up with all those vegetables. Rice or rice noodles are OK, so are potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams.

Lightly roasted unsalted nuts and seeds add good flavour to your proteins and vegetables, e.g. almonds, filberts (hazelnuts), cashews, sunflower, pumpkin, sesame seeds. Make sure, and this is important, chew nuts and seeds to a fine pulp or have them finely ground (like gomasio) or finely chopped.

Also use whole sea salt. The organic sea salts from France (Celtic or Paladier are good brands) are excellent.




Vegetable Protein (and other things) Soup

At least once a week prepare a vegetable soup (minestrone type) with the stock (liquid) made from ‘chicken back and necks’, ‘bones-with-some-meat-still-on’ or ‘fish heads’ (like salmon). If this sounds gross you will have some work to do on your past sensitivities and inhibitions. These products are usually cheaply available. If you ever had Chinese ‘war wonton’ soup, that combination of ingredients is what you are aiming for. Make enough soup for about 5 or 6 helpings. When the soup is prepared keep it in the fridge. Reheat just the right amount to start off most evening meals. This soup can also be taken as an ‘eat-by-itself ‘ to replace lunch or supper if the consistency is substantial. You can even have it between meals, when you crave for ‘something good’… this will replace the ‘good’ with something better.

Make the stock from the poultry or fish or meat bone source by having a pot with enough water (depends on the number of helpings) simmer for about 4 to 5 hours on low heat. Strain the bones and meat from the stock but put the meat or fish back if you wish. Add fine rice noodles as needed. Lightly sauté chunks of vegetables, celery, plenty of onions, carrots, green beans, green or red peppers, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, you name it. Add this to the stock, then add the fresh uncooked chunks of tomatoes to the hot mix and… crumble in copious amounts of dried kelp, nori and/or dulse (to overcome or prevent thyroid problems). Use a good quality soy sauce as a condiment and don’t forget to add unrefined organic sea salt to taste. Before each serving chop up some fresh ginger and garlic, brown it lightly in a frying pan and add to the soup with whatever herbs you like. No matter what, you cannot go wrong.

Don’t be afraid to add some cold pressed virgin olive oil. Come to think of it…in Europe people like to add some good quality sherry to it, about a tablespoon per serving. It helps the digestive juices flow…. Bon appetite!






Ah Chocolate,

With a Kundalini Connection....


Actually, in my practice I happily prescribe chocolate to about 30 % of my clients, sometimes hot chocolate from real expensive cacao powder and real milk (not 2%), sometimes chocolate covered ginger. I never go to bed without having had homemade hot chocolate first. I started doing that 4.5 years ago to smooth out the ravaging raves of K. in my brain.


As a kid I used to make chocolate butter. Would you like the recipe?


            Be six years old,
            Wake up early in the morning, six o'clock is good,
            Quietly - not waking anybody up, you don't want to share -
            Quietly... get the butter dish (boter vloot).
            Make sure it is European style butter,
            Unsalted, cultured, not cold and hard,
            (I did not have to worry about that,
            in Holland we hate salted cold butter.
            Hell, we did not even have a fridge.)
            Get some neon-white icing sugar,
            Make sure you are not politically correct, diet-wise,
            (You are six years old, so that is not your problem.)
            Take a wooden bread board,
            (That is stupid because it is hard to wipe off the evidence.
            But hey, you are only six.)
            Get the 'Droste' cacao tin hidden away on the top shelf,
            It is the one with the nurse or nun picture on the tin.
            (Meaning this is healthy, as well as good for your soul.)
            Try not to be easy on the quantities, that won't work.
            Mix all the ingredients messily with a knife.
            Why a knife?
            Keep tasting it until you have it right,
            The longer it takes the better,
            Wipe your face with your flannel pyjama sleeve,
            While you are at it, wipe your nose as well.
            Get a crusty bun, break it open messily,
            Leave plenty of crumbs behind,
            Your mom will need them as evidence.
            Fill the bun with your concoction,
            Take it tiply-toeingly to your bed,
            Hide under the covers and eat,
            Eat with smacking lips.
            (Dutch: Eet smakelijk!)
            Make sure you leave some crumbs on your bed sheet,
            Your mom will need them as evidence as well.
            Also next night, those crumbs will make you feel uncomfortable
            as they'll give you those stingy scratches of guilt.


The wrath of your mom will be upon you.


:-(     )>:


That is what you think.
You don't know that she knipogend (English: winkingly)
smiles at your dad who understands.
They are secretly fond of you.
Too bad you only found out later...


You learned one lesson

Next time you'll let your brother have a bite
hoping that he will not tell on you.


Do this often.
Do not grow up!






A Carbohydrate Breakfast Drink


Cream of Whole Wheat


made with


Finely Ground Whole Wheat, Oats or Multi-Grain Flour
makes enough for a healthy appetite of one person.

·         Boil two cups (half a liter) of water in a large pot, (preferably spring water).

·         Turn the heat to low and keep the pot on the element.

·         Take 3/4 cup of finely ground flower, e.g. whole wheat, multi-grain or finely ground oats, (preferably freshly ground and organic). Whisk this into the boiling water.
Hint: Sprinkle it in slowly until the mix is gooey but not lumpy.

·         Take the pot off the heat and let it cool off for about ten minutes.

·         Mix in 2 to 3 tablespoons of Demarara sugar. (The dark kind of brown sugar.) Yes, it is sweet... but so is life and... and there is nothing against that, is there?

Anyway, the next thing takes care of the sugars and carbohydrates as well as the fats and proteins that you will eat during the rest of the day. Enzymes help in the digestion of proteins, sugars and fats, as well it helps keeping the intestines clean.

·         Take three enzyme capsules from a brand like Organika or Avena. (Containing a balanced range of digestive enzymes.)

·         Open the capsules and sprinkle them on the mix and whisk the powder in.
Surprise: the goo turns too liquid... that is what we want! The digestive process has started!

·         Add whole milk to your liking, (not the ‘low fat’ kind).


Now, this is an excellent carbohydrate drink, as good or better than a protein drink. Drink and be energetic.You may want to alternate this with a protein drink of your choice, or "the fresh fruit in the morning" recipe that I describe in the “Food Plan”


BTW, it is a good thing to take from 6 to 9 enzyme capsules a day (or more initially). You will not need vitamin supplements or at least less of them. Vitamins are not absorbed well if you don't have the right enzymatic flora in your gut.


Note: You stools should become softer or firmer depending on where you are starting from J and should float & sink in your toilet 60/40. That way you know that things are normalizing.

Hope your appetite is still up.

Love your bowel movements.






Someone wrote:

“I am allergic to wheat..”



The allergies will disappear if you start taking in the appropriate enzymes that break down all the food elements in the wheat. The wheat has to be organic, as high potassium fertilization throws the chemical balance of the wheat kernels out and introduces salts that will unbalance the human digestive system.

Have done quite some experiments with that. Not scientific though... But then, me and my wife are not scientific but just regular human bodies.