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Find out who you are...
What kind of person are you... at the moment?

Seven aspects of our human reality are controlled by specialized energy centres or chakras:
the physical or root chakra,
the creative or sacral chakra,
the volitional (mind / will power) or solar plexus chakra,
the emotional or heart chakra,
the vocational or throat chakra,
the mental (inspirational / intellectual) or brow chakra,
the integration or crown chakra.

This following questionnaire* will help you to find out in what proportion your energy centres are active. It serves as a tool to find the right means to achieve balance and harmony.

In responding to the statements in this list, it is best to go with the first answer that comes to mind. Of course you may reflect deeper, but chances are that you come up with a less 'honest' response.
When you have arrived at a clear answer click the applicable Yes, Yes & No or No button.

Some statements are purposely phrased ambiguously. If you feel that it is appropriate, click the Yes & No button.

When you are done, press the Submit Query button at the bottom of the list below. You will receive the charted results by email, usually within a week.
Please, enter your email address first in the adjacent box, e.g.
Ensure that you respond to ALL the statements below before you click the Submit Query button at the bottom of this list. Failing to do so might produce an error message and your input may get lost. Yes Yes & No No
1. I like to study and I enjoy attending seminars or courses. I am often occupied with things of an intellectual nature.
2. I have a lot of friends and I enjoy interacting with them in a positive way.
3. I enjoy sharing my happiness with others.
4. I enjoy good food that I do not necessarily prepare myself.
5. I express my feelings appropriately by laughing, crying or showing fear.
6. I reason things out quickly and I have a practical grip on life.
7. I handle money well.
8. I have a tendency to ignore my bodily needs.
9. I am considered to be optimistic, trustworthy and having a sense of humor.
10. I like to read, people think that I am intellectual.
11. I like to talk to all sorts of people, and I can find wisdom and knowledge in all situations.
12. When I encounter a problem, I often find a variety of solutions.
13. I am sometimes deeply in thought.
14. People consider me wise and appreciate my opinions, I act from wisdom.
15. I like mentally challenging projects.
16. I analyze situations well and I am quick at problem solving.
17. I enjoy being on my own, I like keeping my own company.
18. People can count on my impartiality in critical situations or during negotiations.
19. One moment I can be warm and open, the next I can be cold and skeptical.
20. I tend to overuse one or more of the following: medication, tobacco, drinks, coffee, sweets, chocolate, food, sport activities, hobbies, mind expanding drugs.
21. I take part in physical endeavours such as dancing, skating, tennis, soccer, basketball, swimming, or other energetic activities.
22. I like being creative with my hands, painting, sculpting, woodwork, needlework, sewing or pottery.
23. I prefer physical activities over mental work.
24. I look young for my age, I appear childlike and innocent.
25. I like sex.
26. I am a spontaneous person, I make other people happy and laugh.
27. Having fun, play and taking an active part in being with others is important to me.
28. I rather avoid conflicts when I encounter them.
29. People think that I have a strong sense of self.
30. I like to do or learn new things.
31. I feel that my hands can make others feel good by massaging or touching them.
32. I like to make my own decisions.
33. I resent my obligations and I have a hard time with responsibilities.
34. According to my mood of the moment I want to be free to make my own decisions and choose for myself.
35. I love sex, it helps me to get balanced.
36. At times I cannot seem to cope. I try to get around my problems by avoiding them, sleeping or by getting ill.
37. I am a good problem solver, I always find creative solutions.
38. My sense of smell is well developed. I am sensitive to the odors of other people. I like to smell my food before I eat.
39. I find that home and family life are two of the most important things to me.
40. I am practical when it comes to money and I play it safe with my investments.
41. I like a secure job with a steady, stable income.
42. I like being part of an organization that helps to improve the environment or my neighborhood.
43. I am an open, optimistic and friendly person. I am romantic and sentimental. I express my feelings easily when I am happy, upset or angry.
44. I cannot easily say "no" to someone, I'd feel guilty if I do.
45. I like to care for people, I am over-protective.
46. When conflicts arise I try to make peace by saying: "We have to love each other."
47. I have no problem seeing the good side in people. I understand and forgive easily.
48. It is easy for me to grow things.
49. Nature and living in peace and harmony is important to me.
50. I am not very hospitable and I find it hard to take good care of guests.
51. I have a tendency to take on too much responsibility on my shoulders, I sometimes have too much on my plate.
52. I like to work for and with nature and the environment.
53. I don't talk about my successes. People might think that I am egotistical.
54. Not having enough money for my day-to-day needs worries me.
55. I often feel that people are taking advantage of me, that they don't appreciate me for all the things I have done for them.
56. I am in stable relationship or I want to get into one, because a good and solid relationship is important to me. I get depressed when I'm alone.
57. I like hugs and kisses more than having sexual contact. Sex is meaningless to me if it is only for physical satisfaction.
58. I trust what my body tells me, I listen to my inner voice.
59. Spiritual energy is everywhere.
60. People come to me for advice and comfort. They like to be around me.
61. Life is hard.
62. I don't lie, steal, or cheat; that would be unethical.
63. Money is not very important to me, I can survive by other means.
64. I like to work with other people and give them loving support.
65. I know what's right and wrong, nobody needs to tell me.
66. I understand male and female energy, physically and psychologically.
67. I comprehend spiritual laws better than physical laws.
68. I find it difficult to accept my physical body.
69. I am an emotional and sensitive person, but I can still maintain my independence and strength.
70. I feel that I have power to heal others.
71. I often wonder what my purpose is on earth.
72. I am a very imaginative and creative person, but I have a hard time finishing projects.
73. I need a lot of time for myself, to understand and find myself.
74. I sense easily what other people feel like.
75. Everything I do, I do for the good of mankind. Without love everything is meaningless.
76. Ideals can be unrealistic. I always look for the truth in things.
77. I like social activities such as games, dancing, playing and competitions, rather than a discussion on feelings and spiritual matters.
78. I prefer projects that give fast and immediate results.
79. I like to solve problems with direct action rather than theorizing on the many ways to solve problems.
80. I am persistent and hard-working. I can get people to work as a team.
81. I have a physical appetite when it comes to food, drinking and sex. I enjoy earthly pleasures.
82. I have a quick temper, but also calm down quickly.
83. When I have disagreements with others, I can resolve them quickly without hard feelings.
84. I am a loner.
85. I have problems expressing my feelings.
86. I have a a lot of self-confidence and I am energetic and independent.
87. I am straightforward and often come across as too direct.
88. I only believe things that I can see, feel, things that can be proven.
89. I take the initiative in starting new projects.
90. At times I lose self-control and can be quite angry.
91. I perceive when a situation is potentially dangerous and I get out of it easily.
92. When I have made up my mind and know that my suggestion is the best, I stay with it, no matter what resistance I encounter.
93. Sex is natural to me and gives me physical pleasure. I can't understand anybody who does not want to talk about it.
94. I have to feel free to explore myself sexually, and if this is denied I get frustrated.
95. Everything is a struggle. I often feel frustrated. Work, health, money and relationships are going against me.
96. I usually solve my problems in a logical and calm way.
97. I am conservative in my opinions and in the way I dress.
98. I am very hard to beat in discussions. My arguments are well-documented with statistics and sound logic.
99. I do not admit mistakes easily.
100. I am a quick learner and I understand things well. I like to do things my own way.
101. I like to have control over my feelings, surroundings, family and friends.
102. I like to keep myself in shape. I feel that being overweight is a lack of self-discipline.
103. I have a lot of self-criticism and I am afraid of failure.
104. I need to know that I am admired, respected and loved before I enter into a sexual relationship.
105. I tend to overwhelm people with suggestions and advice.
106. I tend to be a workaholic.
107. I expect a lot from myself; I am a bit of a perfectionist.
108. I like to learn and to be intellectually stimulated.
109. I like to set goals for myself.
110. I like to organize and plan.
111. I get easily frustrated and impatient with people who are not motivated or don't have ambitions.
112. My principles and standards cause me to become tired or bored in other people's company.
113. I like the planning and the challenges of new ideas more than the actual work.
114. I can easily delegate responsibilities to others.
115. I have a strong urge to help save our planet.
116. If I had enough money, I would spend my time traveling around the world for humanistic causes, and I would work actively for peace on earth.
117. I am preoccupied with the universe and everything that has to do with universal teachings and development.
118. I easily see the future ahead of me.
119. I easily get myself involved in too many projects.
120. I enjoy entertaining or often wish to entertain people.
121. I feel that I have something to contribute to humanity and I like to express this to others.
121. Freedom and independence are important to me.
123. My inner belief in God is my guide and inspiration.
124. In my work I follow my beliefs even if it could make other people unhappy.
125. I feel that I am more creatively and spiritually developed than most people.
126. I have a tendency to challenge old dogmatic norms and I enjoy thinking and developing in new ways.
127. I easily get involved in leadership positions or become the centre of attention.
128. I easily get self-occupied and self centered, because everything I do is about myself.
129. I (would) enjoy being my own boss.
130. I have a lot of ideas and my source of ideas endless.
131. I like or I would like to present workshops, seminars, and courses.
132. I do not use money to improve financial situation, but I like to have money to be able to do whatever I want to do.
133. I am full of passion in sex, and in a monogamous relationship it could be easy for me to become unfaithful.
Did you answer all the statements? What about your email address at the top of this form? If so, click the Submit Query button. . . .


* The idea for this module was borrowed from a questionnaire used by Inger Naess in her book Colour Energy (ISBN 0-9680804-0-5) to figure out what kind of colour personality someone is based on their temperament and choices in life. Her questionnaire establishes what colours are best for and in such a person's environment.

The intent of this questionnaire is to establish which chakras are more or less open or constricted, active or passive. It allows you to establish which of your energy centers or chakras play a greater or lesser part in your personality so that you can better harmonize your chakra energies based on the energy curve that results from this questionnaire's answers. This will give you an idea about how to better distribute your life's energies across your seven main energy centers.

Instead of the questions as in Colour Energy's list, affirmative statements in the first person singular are used that can be answered Yes, Yes & No or No. I find that answers are quicker to arrive at this way, hesitation often prevents a correct answer. Statements seem less confusing than questions. Chances to be self-judgmental or to be in denial are also reduced.


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