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  • The purpose of this site is to show how the Kundalini Process affects us human beings in reintegrating ourselves, helping ourselves and each other to reclaim and re-cognize our Human Divine Reality (What we were and still are from the very first moment of our conception, but may have temporarily forgotten.) You will find a copious amount of correspondence on the subject of Kundalini as well as Auras and Chakras.
  • This site is dedicated to all Buddha reincarnations, but especially Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva (Quan Yin) Click on the "Form and Emptiness" link in the column on the left.
  • "Free by Nature" New book!

    Announcing the publication of "Free by Nature," a 180 page booklet, containing a collection of essays, correspondence, conversations and ruminations on:

    • Awareness, reality and illusion.

    • Impermanence and suffering.

    • Suffering and illusion.

    • Identity, ego and pseudo-self.

    • Entrapment, subservience and apparent loss of freedom

    • The reclamation of innate freedom.

From the back cover:
"A surprise awaits the reader who accompanies the writer on his investigation into the dynamics and language of entrapment, dependency and suffering while he endeavors to uncover the causes of apparent loss of human freedom. Witness how he digs up clue after clue on how this innate and inherent freedom came to be treated as only conditionally available.
You are invited to look over his shoulders and find out with him how humankind was made to believe that dependence and suffering define life more than freedom and happiness do, and to discover that the claim on unconditional freedom and happiness is not only warranted but realizable for everyone."

The booklet comes with: "Personal Power Pack(TM)." a mini booklet containing "points to ponder," a collection of phrases drawn from the main text that can be used for meditational consideration.
$20 (USD) plus shipping.
To order phone 250-479-0001 (Canada) or send an email to:

  • "Integrated Yawning and Stretching Technique"
    A fifty minute instructional DVD to help revitalize your Chakra System by using the dynamic energies of yawning and stretching.  (Developed and presented by Wim Borsboom)
    Includes a 40 page+ instruction booklet with a concise but in depth introduction to the chakras, the central nervous system, the immune system, the flow of bio-energy throughout the body and the alignment of the spine, shoulders and hips. Bonus: "Chakra Info Cards" with advise on the use of color, essential oils & incense, herbs & supplements, food, gemstones and affirmations.
    $30 (USD) plus shipping.
    To order phone 250-479-0001 (Canada) or send an email to:   
  • Please visit my blog: Free By Nature

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